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Hello, My name Tony


My QTH Flémalle-Haute arround 12kms from the city Liège  (also my province)

Arround 101kms from capital Brussels,North-East Belgium

Latitude : 50.601673 (50° 36' 6'' N)

Longitude : 5.475309 (5° 28' 31'' E)

Grid Square : JO20ro

ITU Zone : 27

CQ Zone : 14

for more information look websites from eatch city. Born in 1965 since1978 interesting in radio

 communication in the first part SWL shortwave and Ham communications.

my old Call ON3AG,OT6G,ON8GA,ON5LG

I am Fonder and Manager of Belgium Club SSTV

club created in 2007 for SSTV enthusiasts
Welcome everybody



Yeasu FT 950 Dsp (HF/50Mhz) + Yeasu  SP-8

 Micro Kenwood MC60 on articulated arm

Yeasu Usb Interface unit SCU-17

(1) Yeasu FTM 400 XDE (VHF/UHF) for my QRA + Yeasu SP MLS 100

(2) Yeasu FTM 400 XDE (VHF/UHF) for my car

Yeasu FT 290R VHF To receive SSTV images from the ISS space station

Portable Midland CT 890 (VHF/UHF)

Portable Midland CT 690 (VHF/UHF)

Portable Baefeng UV5R (VHF/UHF)


Antenne mobil Dacoya Dualband 2m/70cm

Antenne mobil Sirio HP-2070R Dualband 2m/70cm

Antenne Tagra GP40 Vertical 8 Band (HF)

Antenne Delta Loop 40/80m (HF)

Antenne Fritzel Dipole Rotatif  10,15,20 Meters (HF)

Antenne Diamond X510N Dualband 2m/70cm

Antenne HB9CV 2m

                                                                                                          73 de Tony ON1GA                                                                                                      

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